Play now with your host-provided game code!

Simply provide your game code OR text the code to (401) 859-5541 and click the game link. All games are free-to-play with no purchase necessary. Gambling is strictly forbidden.

Our Amazing Features

Bargames provides a free-to-play experience for patrons during slow periods.

Fast and Optimized

Our bargames system utilizes low bandwidth to provide a seamless experience regardless of WIFI configurations


Patrons may play anonymously by providing a host code on this website or use texting for a touchless experience.

Timed Play

Our hosts will work with your establishment to determine the best day and time for your location.

Easily Manage

Our bargames system makes it simple for hosts to schedule and maintain multiple weekly locations.

Quick Access

Patrons may text a code for the game application or provide the code on our website. Hosts may login with their event code as well.

Increase Sales

While all games are free to play, many patrons will order food and beverage during the two-hour show, increasing your average ticket and count.

Generate Revenue with entertaining games

Each week one of our hosts will run a 2-hour free-to-play game at your establishment, increasing patrons and higher individual tickets.

Patrons view the game progress on your TVs which also display sponsor ads and in-house specials.

Our games are free-to-play and encourage repeat visits along with new patrons.


Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Are the games truly FREE-to-PLAY?

    Since most game winners will be able to choose from prizes, all games are absolutely free to play. Bargames is not a gambling app or platform. Therefore one cannot risk anything of value to receive anything of value. Our purpose is simple: provide bars with new audiences and provide patrons with free games and gifts for winning.

  • How do I Play?

    Your game host will provide a code which will load the player application to your mobile device OR provide paper-based game materials at the location. To play on your mobile device, simply login from this website with the code provided for an anonymous game OR text the code to (401) 859-5541 and receive the current game app for your location automatically.

  • What text messages do you send?

    Our textback system has been created to provide a simple, easy-to-use, process to create a player account which will remember a nickname of your choice and store game results. The textback system works by accessing your account and loading the proper game application for the venue you are visiting. Our textback system may have opt-in options such as a weekly game list; however we do not text unsolicited. Your number is safe! We do not sell or provide your number to any third party.

  • What games do you provide?

    Our list of games constantly changes. One can expect trivia, feud, bingo, lingo (singing bingo), and other games along this line. During the beta period, only Bingo is available. Please note that our games are free-to-play. Gambling is strictly prohibited!

  • Can I OPT-OUT?

    Absolutely! Simply text STOP to our textback system (401) 859-5541 which will prompt you to confirm, then remove all player information from our database.

  • How can I become a host?

    Bargames is an addon for Gigbuilder, the world's oldest and most reliable dj event manager. Our purpose for hosts is to provide side-jobs during the week. You can obtain more information on our Gigbuilder Homepage and start a free trial of the popular CRM.

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